Garden Machinery & Outdoor Power Exhibition

Release Time:2018-9-16 17:26:32

Planting machinery, tree maintenance, greenhouse landscape building, large tree transplantation machinery, lawn mower, lawn cart, all terrain vehicle, hay mower, grass mower, weeder, bunker rake, lawn trimmer, stubble plough, edge cutting machine, edge trimmer, chain saw, electric saw, hedge trimmer, brush cutter, pulverizer, wood chipper, tree mover, mini-tiller, hole puncher, fertilizer distributor, high-branch pruning machine, leaf vacuum, cleaning machine, sprayer-duster, transporter, trailer and other machinery and engines;  
Diesel & gasoline engine, generator unit, water bump, air cylinder, carburetor, piston, motor, mower head, trimmer rope, engine oil, saw chain, blade, guide plate, starter, shield, transmission and relevant accessories.